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Memories course through fits of static
Overriding my mind's eye
Stabbing deep like fleshy, pink scars
Taking on a forceful human nature
Blank faces with fiery souls
Standing out amongst the crowd
Standing close together--
Letting out their forceful human nature
They kick, push, pull, steal
All these familiar faces
Of friends and lovers alike
Those who I gave every bit of me to
They now stand over me
With others I've never even known
Putting on their sneering faces
Reminding me it was all for naught
These people that I would've done anything for
Would've killed myself for...
Well, they're killing me now
That's what I call dedication
Sitting there, pride holding me down
Well, they're asking more of me now
And I expect nothing in return
They forget until they need
Is it so much to ask for that in return?
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 0 0
Two Sides to Every Mirror by Megumiruby Two Sides to Every Mirror :iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 3 11
Who Is That Girl in the Mirror?
Who is that girl?
I swear she's staring at me.
That sad, dead looking girl.
Whose ugly features are those?
Battered and bruised?
Covered in the scars of little burns?
Whose scowling lips are those?
The ones that reflect too obviously
The malice she feels towards herself…
Towards everything…?
Who is that girl?
The one with her back against a wall?
Defenseless and scared?
Whose fiery eyes are those?
Angered and broken?
Revealing demons that too often whisper?
Whose face is that?
The one that reflects inner turmoil
All through a thin layer of glass?
Hello, I don't believe we've ever met.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 1 0
The Open Wheat Field
Picture the perfect place…
With its blue waters,
Chirping, green forests,
And open wheat fields.
A place whispered in dreams,
Dreams of lush gold
Slipping through tender fingers…
The sighing of the wind
Dancing among hair
And earth's reaching hands.
This is a place to get lost,
To get lost in the freedom
Of breathing without closure…
No more fences to dissuade you.
Just a maze of blonde wheat,
In which you can carve your own path.
This is a place where love is born,
A place with bright sundresses
And warm worn-in shirts
Smiles and deep breaths
Misplaced under knee-deep grass,
Like kissing under mistletoe.
This is a place of dreams,
Of freedom, of love.
This is a place of wheat.
This is utopia.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 0 0
Here to Stay
Images, secrets, dreams
All float to the surface
Whenever I think of you.
An idealist's hopes for the future...
For potential days and nights
In the warmth and the cold
Days spent running
Running from the rules that bind us
Through fields of golden wheat
Sun on our faces
Laughter in our ears
Perfectly alone...
"Playful love, indeed."
But being a girl of the moon
I look more forward to the nights
That we will spend laying under the stars
Keep me warm,
Hold me tight by the fire,
And whisper in my ear...
"Tell me that you love me, baby,
One more time...
One more time, slowly..."

Fall for all the night's temptations
Kiss and touch me gently
Slower than we've ever gone before
"Float in silence, gingerly..."
Just look into my eyes once more
And give in to me.
After the moon says its good night
I hope to wake up in your arms
Perfectly safe, again and again.
"Baby, you could stay,
Just one more little day..."

One more could ne
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 0 0
Com: Open Road by Megumiruby Com: Open Road :iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 6 6
What's This?
An entire year has passed
Of nothing but ups and downs…
Pain and glory.
Time got the best of me
As loneliness seeped in…
She's restless, that one.
The New Year dawned
With hopes of bright futures…
But I had no resolutions.
Except for one.
Stay alone, young one.
Part yourself from childish 'love'…
Save it for a rainy day.
My warnings I did not heed
For soon there was another…
A boy much different from the rest.
He was a boy that I had wished for
A boy that soon called every day…
But a boy that could never possible love me.
But, what's this?
A day spent perfectly alone
Led to tender caresses, sweet kisses…
In the cold Pacific rain.
Oh, the rain had come
Memories I could never imagine…
Playful love, indeed.
But, oh, what is this?
Surely the past has taught me well…
In some way, he will do me wrong.
I am just waiting for familiar resolve.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 0 1
Light Up the World
Unforgiving holiday nights
In the Pacific Northwest…
Rain trickling down,
Teasing unfortunate memories.
All flows away
With mother's embrace,
Father's booming laughs
And most importantly…
The Christmas lights.
I may be lonely
But I see light
In the trees,
In their eyes…
I may be cold
But I feel warmth
With dimmed ambiance,
As I sit, holding myself close…
In blankets so cozy.
I may miss him,
But I can't be sad
With my skipping heart
When I see those lights…
Illuminating the dark
Radiant, shimmering globes…
This is what it takes
To keep me content.
So why not keep these lights
All year 'round?
No more cold...
Bring me tender summer nights…
Let's set the world aglow.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 1 0
It Only Took A Month
It only took a month
Of spending time with you...
For me to feel alive again.
Fresh, new, comfortable.
I was already home,
I felt loved.
It only took a few moments
Of being alone...
For you to have doubts.
Lost, confused, depressed.
You began to miss the love
that was already long gone.
You then walk away from me,
Concealed in clouds of gray smoke...
Looking for answers.
I should understand,
I should let go,
I should not cry.
But you've left a mark
On my stubborn heart...
And now I miss you.
I wish I didn't need you,
But I still want you here...
I want to be close with you.
I want no more fears,
No more doubts,
No more Good-Bye's...
Just love.
Please darling,
Come back home.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 1 0
Everywhere Yet Nowhere
"August memories
To last forever…"
Where are those now?
For I can't find them here
In this empty mansion
Or these quiet woods.
While the boy I Love
Is ages away, living
Along to a different tune.
Oh, how I long to make
Those memories we promised.
To continue this to the end.
But I only see him in photographs,
In my writing, my art,
And my overbearing thoughts…
And I still can't feel
His breath on my neck
Or his hand on my cheek.
I see his face in the stars
Whenever I go to sleep at night…
I see him in the cloudless day.
And yet I can't hear his heart
Or his voice dance to its beat.
Nor do I taste his sweet lips on mine.
Instead I see these memories, conjured.
Tell me, how is it that you're Everywhere…
But Nowhere to be found?
I've lost you now.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 3 0
Fire and Ice
Like Fire and Ice,
That's what we are…
Both hot and cold,
Passionate and calculating.
You are the Ice,
Cold and mysterious.
The snow leopard,
That stalks in endless winter.
Whereas I am the Fire,
Complex and mischievous.
The red fox,
That plays in endless summer.
Like Night and Day,
That's what we are…
I am the Night's Moon,
Dark and lost among the stars.
Lonely in my ways,
Changing with the tides.
Whereas you are the Day's Sun,
Warm and comforting.
While my opposite, I can assure,
You are the one that I Love.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 1 3
Laying there in the darkness,
Enjoying the night's silence,
As we always do...
I felt something different.
Along with the affection,
And the warm, sweet content,
I felt something stronger than usual
Among my usual mix of emotions.
This time I had an urge to feel you,
You and your sweet lips on mine,
To taste your tongue, to let loose,
And to experience that tang of lust.
This time I had a deep desire,
To savor your every move,
To take pleasure in your bare skin,
And then to watch you lose control.
Tell me, will you be mine tonight?
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 1 0
Silent Love
Some of our best times
Have been spent in silence.
Just soaking up the world,
The noises, the life, each other…
Blinded by the night,
With our senses heightened.
Listening to the chirps, croaks,
And the beautiful chimes.
Feeling comfortable in my skin…
For the very first time.
The other moment was spent
In each others arms
With the feeling of your warmth
And affection surrounding me.
I had wished for you
To never let go…
Looking back, both times
Were followed before by hectic, crazy fun.
Laughs, hysteria,
And never ending smiles.
Until it all came to an apex,
A time, where life stood still.
For only a moment, pure bliss,
Intertwined fingers… and feelings
Left exposed,
And yet unsaid.
It's these times when I realize
That there is truly no hope for me.
When I realize I am stuck,
That I am sold…
I am in Love.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 0 0
I Wish...
I watch hopefully,
As the dandelion seeds,
Fly on their new courses.
As I wish…
For a single kiss,
So sweet and so strong,
That it could set me
Right in this world.
I cross my fingers,
Muttering under my breath,
As the stars fall across the sky.
As I wish…
For an embrace,
So warm and comforting,
That I would know
I'm where I'm supposed to be.
I wait in patience,
For that magical time of night:
11 hours and 11 minutes.
As I wish…
For you,
To be crazy enough,
To love me too…
For who I really am.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 1 0
That's Me by Megumiruby That's Me :iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 4 2
The Choice
Sitting there, looking deep
Into her baby blue eyes,
That were being blurred by tears,
(As they are every day)...
I grew tired.
What new things were there?
What was upsetting her today?
Another test, another hate letter?
(It never seems to end)...
She noticed my weary expression,
And with a single rolling tear,
"It just doesn't seem
Like you care much anymore."
Enlightened words I never expected,
After all, how could she know or understand
That I can't handle her problems?
(Yes, it is so hard for me to care)...
Especially when I have so many of my own.
The question: do I meet her requirements?
The girl, who tore my heart to shreds?
Or continue as I am, lost with another,
(Either way I lose)...
Just please, dear, don't ever ask me to Choose.
:iconmegumiruby:Megumiruby 3 1


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As soon as I have the time to set up an account on paypal/finish college applications and finals, YES!


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